Ambassadors of diversity

1st of November 2020 – 31st of October 2022 24 months

Project Aim

The main aim of the project ADD@ME, is to develop an innovative, digital and adapted EU model to foster the active participation and social inclusion of young people with visual impairments engaging them as Ambassadors of Diversity and non-Discrimination. In fact, the acronym ADD@ME emphasizes their wish to be included in the society.

The ultimate Aim of ADD@ME is to empower young people with a visual impairment to become Key Players in processes concerning their own Social Inclusion at EU level.

Aims and Objectives

The Main Objectives of the project can be framed as follows:

  • Foster the social inclusion and the active participation of Vi youngsters through the development of new, innovative youth work practices (the ADD@ME model) to be used by youth with Vi themselves
  • Empower and enhance self-confidence, spirit of initiative and self-esteem of young people with Vi through the development of a tailor-made Blended Training Programme and a set of digital adapted tools
  • Combat prejudices and misinformation through the design of new and innovative non-formal learning methods to be used by Vi youngsters in awareness-raising events for their local community
  • Encourage young people with Vi to undertake actions of active citizenship and commitment in the society, through the implementation of Awareness Raising events in order to make their community aware of diversity and disability issues
  • Strengthen transnational cooperation among civil society organizations dealing with visual impairment. 

Expected Results and Products

The results of the ADD@ME project are multidimensional and extend their impact at local, regional and European level. It is expected that the products of the ADD@ME will capture elements of evidence-based practice in conjunction with up-to-date critical literature review. In specific, the Intellectual Outputs (IO) will be the following:

  • IO1-ADD@ME Blended Training Programme for Visually Impaired Youngsters: composed by a training handbook with face-to-face non-formal learning methods and adapted training tools and e-modules specifically designed for the needs of participants with visual impairments. The ultimate aim of this work is to empower and boost self-esteem and self-confidence of these youngsters to become active citizens.
  • IO2-ADD@ME Mobile Toolkit for Visually Impaired youngsters: a digital tool stored under a WebApp which will contain non-formal learning methods/activities for youngsters with visual impairments. The purpose of this product is to implement ADD@ME Awareness Raising Workshops on disability in favour of local community.
  • IO3-ADD@ME Online Trivial Game for Vi Ambassadors: an educational online game which will aim at increasing local and EU communities’ knowledge on disability, that can be used as further tool by youngsters with visual impairments to lead ADD@ME Awareness Raising Workshops. The game will be a WebApp with accessibility and usability features.